They know it will not do one thing to stop mass shootings but they are using it to wrap a more devious gun confiscation scheme in it.  You’ve been warned, and no doubt, President Donald Trump will back it all the way to his desk.  He’s already shown his true colors on the Second Amendment, as if many of us didn’t expect it in the first place.

No wonder Dianne Feinstein looked so deliriously (and devilishly) happy when Trump uttered his stupid comment about gun confiscation and said he wanted to bring an assault weapons ban (Feinstein’s bill) into proposed gun control legislation.

It has been documented that the NAACP is a Communist/Socialist organization to divide Americans based on the color of their skin, and so the push for gun confiscation does not come as a surprise.

People like Malloy may be American by birth, but they are certainly not American in ideology nor government. They are enemies of our republic. Make no mistake about it.

Nick Freitas finally hit the nail on the head and told gun grabbers the truth, much to their discontent.

Donald Trump called for the removal of due process — by taking guns first and forcing people to prove their innocence to get them back — and nearly all of his supporters are ignoring this most blatant attack on the constitution.

As history has shown, an unarmed populace is defenseless against a government intent on democide to silence opposition to ensure compliance and subjugation.  America is not immune despite what anti-constitutional gun confiscation advocates proclaim.

Americans still cherish the 2nd Amendment, and they still value their freedom. As long as this is true, the left will continue to fail at their attempts to disarm us and strip us of our liberty.

A host of media personalities became more interested in stirring up a frenzy among the entire US population over gun control, using student David Hogg as their front man, than what exactly is happening in schools across America.