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JoshuaMark5.com Black Friday Special – Own Your Joshua for just $1200 Out the Door

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Every man really wants a gun for Christmas and every man wants a dependable rifle. Enter the Joshua Mark 5 from Amendment Arms.

Hopefully, you’ve taken the time to read up on the Joshua and watch the videos. If you are and have been waiting for an opportune time to own a real battle rifle that is an AR/AK hybrid, now’s your chance.

For a very special 4 hours on Black Friday, we’re selling the Joshua for $1200 out the door. You heard that right! Just $1200 includes shipping and taxes. Consider that the Joshua is normally $1545.

In addition to the special pricing, we’re also taking various forms of payment. We’re accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We’re also accepting Paypal, Dwolla and as usual, checks and money orders.

Here’s the catch, you must pay in one installment before December 24, 2014 at 5pm. However, you must place your order between 2-6pm EST on Black Friday.

If you pay by credit card, there is a 6% ($75) additional fee. If you pay by Paypal, there is a 4% ($50) additional fee. Dwolla is a 25-cent wire service.

Here’s how this special offer will work. Call 828-676-0225 between 2 and 6pm EST on Black Friday, tell Tom that Tim at JoshuaMark5.com sent you and place your order. It’s crucial that you inform him you heard about the Joshua at JoshuaMark5.com.

When you place your order, you will be purchasing a gift certificate, which is redeemable for $1200 worth of Amendment Arms products, but you will use it to purchase the contract on the Joshua. The GC is not the customer contract. It is proof of purchase for Amendment Arms 2014 Christmas sale.

The delivery date, the most important term, is to be no earlier than Jan 21, 2015, and no later than Mar 31, 2014. The exact delivery date will be determined by first paid, first served, so that the first person who purchases the gift certificate at full price will be delivered first, by Jan 21 2015, and thereafter each gift certificate purchaser in turn.

Unlike purchasing a Joshua at full price, there are no rebates. All savings are built into this special offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Let 2015 be the year you own the Joshua Mark 5 and impress all your friends with its uniqueness and reliability!

*I had the numbers wrong previously. I previously listed this as $1250, but the Black Friday Special is $50 off for four hours, but will be $1250 for the entire month of December.

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