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Americans still cherish the 2nd Amendment, and they still value their freedom. As long as this is true, the left will continue to fail at their attempts to disarm us and strip us of our liberty.

A host of media personalities became more interested in stirring up a frenzy among the entire US population over gun control, using student David Hogg as their front man, than what exactly is happening in schools across America.

When the American society was hijacked from a consensus of the people and transformed into a top-down programming mechanism, its morality also became a top-down operation, rather than a bottom-up faith, and as the media management has decayed, its mixed signals and the ugly madness that it often broadcasts for its own profit and entertainment have become the ugly madness and mixed signals that lead some of its viewers and listeners to seek fame and power at any cost.

Just spewing the nonsense about confiscating law-abiding citizens guns before due process should be enough to send Trump packing in 2020. 

Which city is safer? Geneva, Switzerland, where virtually every household has a gun, which they received in doing military service for their country in their youth, or Chicago, where the good guys can’t legally own a gun?

The media wants us to talk about guns instead of people. It’s time to stop talking about triggers and start talking about the killers who pull them. That’s not the conversation that Obama and Hillary, that CNN and the rest of the media want us to have. But the numbers show it’s the one we need to have.

Every time the left goes into a gun grabbing frenzy, gun sales always end up going through the roof. 

Today, all we hear is more gun control, but does it work and when did the United States begin to “control” guns?

The media and anti-gun liberals are one of the best things for the gun industry; the very industry they are so desperately trying to cripple.